Early Treatment

With our 7 & Up program, we can oversee your child’s growth and development, offering orthodontic care when necessary. This proactive approach enables us to identify potential alignment issues early on and address them before they escalate into more significant problems.


Invisalign provides a convenient and nearly invisible alternative to braces. The easily removable aligners offer comfort and discretion, ensuring a seamless orthodontic treatment experience. Dr. Bekmezian Orthodontist is a certified Invisalign treatment provider.

Agility® Self-Ligating Bracket System Braces

Agility® Bracket System Braces use specialized, flexible brackets (called “self-ligating” brackets) that don’t require the elastic bands typically associated with metal braces. Orthodontist Dr. Bekmezian can help you fix misaligned teeth no matter how complex the situation may be.


Using a retainer post-orthodontic treatment is essential to safeguard the alignment of your newly transformed smile!